EXPRESS Credit Card Login

Video demonstration and instructions on how to use the EXPRESS Credit Card Login:

How to use your EXPRESS Credit Card login and sign in to your account step by step without missing anything:

1. Load the website using this link:
2. On the right side of the page you will find the sign in block. On the first block provided, type in your User name.
3. Right, below, type in your password.
4. Click on "Sign In" 
5. You should be now logging in!


If you forget your User ID or your password, follow this guide and reset your credentials:


1. Load the same website as if you were logging in.
2. Below the username and password blocks, says "Forgot your password?" "Forgot your username and password?". Click on the one that you are having problems with.
3. If you clicked on just password, it will ask you for you Username, your Social Security number and date of birth, then, click on "Continue" and follow any additional instructions.
4. If you clicked on both username and password, it will ask you for the credit card number and the you will have to choose from a menu of SSN, SIN or alternate identification, after you have provided all the information, click on "Continue" and follow any additional instructions.

Contact them if you experience any additional problems with your accoutn or with your login:

Customer Care: 1-800-201-4955
Customer care hours: Monday - Saturday 8am - 9pm ET. Closed Sundays
Customer care address: Comenity Bank
                                   PO Box 182273
                                   Columbus, OH 43218-2273